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Tips for Visiting a French Flea Market

  • October 12, 2022


Flea markets are not only a place to find unique collectibles, they’re also a rich and rewarding cultural experience! Here are some tips for your next flea market adventure:

Always Haggle

French vendors expect to bargain. It’s part of the experience. Start with a low offer, and don’t be afraid to walk away or say you can buy the item more cheaply somewhere else.

Flea Market-3

Dress Down

Dress comfortably but not fashionably. Also wear good shoes, a shady hat, and carry sunblock, water, and snacks in your Flea Market Bag! 

Flea Market-1

Bring a Friend

Friends can help save your spot, stake your claim, and provide banter as you haggle. It’s always more fun with a friend.

Flea Market-Friends

Carry Coin & Small Bills

Some vendors may accept credit or debit cards, but most will require coin. Carry euros in your Paris Chic Zipper Pouch and remember that big bills are harder to break!

Flea Market-Pouch

Enjoy the Culture

Flea markets are culturally stimulating. Soak up the foods and smells and enjoy interacting with people of various ethnicities and backgrounds.

Flea Market-2

From shopping in Paris to simply browsing at your local farmer's market, there are plenty of trinkets and treasures to discover. We wish you joy as you soak up the cultural experiences around you! 

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