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Six New Traditions To Try Out This Holiday Season!

  • November 23, 2022

Are your holiday traditions beginning to feel a bit stale? Maybe it’s time to shake things up! With our Collectible Christmas subscription, you’ll create a beautiful new collection each year, and countless new traditions as well! After polling our team here at ME Time headquarters, we’ve compiled a list of six fresh and festive traditions to take for a spin this holiday season. Read on to find the perfect one for you and your family! 

Story Time at Holiday Village  

Did you know our Collectible Christmas: Holiday Village comes with a charming poem? Each month, as you stitch out a new piece of your collection, you’ll receive a coordinating stanza of poetry. Unfurl the story of Holiday Village and get to know its many endearing characters: Mister Sinclair at the General Store, Mrs. Dalune at the Quilt Shop, Miss Albright at the Schoolhouse, and more. By the end of the year, you’ll have a complete story to accompany your village! For a delightful new tradition, gather your kids and grandkids close for a special reading of the Holiday Village poem on Christmas Eve night. By the light of your village, let their imaginations run wild as they discover its magical tale! 


Cassie’s family looks forward to Jolabokaflod all year! Adopt it in your own home by gifting each member of your family a new book on Christmas Eve night. Then, spend the rest of the evening snuggled up by the fire, enjoying your new books together. Pure bliss, right? This tradition originated in 1944 Iceland, toward the end of World War II. With wartime rations in full force, paper was one of the few commodities available to gift. Every year since the Icelandic people have continued the tradition with fervor! 

Finger Food Feast

Sometimes, the simplest traditions make for the happiest memories! On Christmas Eve at Jeanette’s house, she and her kiddos gather ‘round the Christmas tree for a Finger Food Feast! They don’t bother with a table, just lay out a blanket and enjoy their meal picnic-style! There are no rules for which finger foods to make, but a few of Jeanette’s favorites are Little Smokies, Caramel Brownies, and Homemade Root Beer. 

Whobilation Feast

Ginger McLeod, from the ME Time team, kicks off her family’s Christmas celebrations with a Whobilation Feast! On December 23rd, her family gathers for a Roast Beast dinner, accompanied by the classic Whoville sides, right down to Who Pudding! Once everyone’s gotten their fill, they congregate in the living room to watch “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” as a family. And what’s more, on Christmas Eve night, the kids sleep beneath the Christmas tree to guard their presents from the Grinch! 

High Stakes Christmas Eve Bingo

This tradition is for the rambunctious at heart! My family has played High Stakes Christmas Eve Bingo every year for nearly three decades. We kick-off the evening with a delicious dinner at my grandma’s house. Next, we clear our dishes and pile dozens of small gifts across the table. This is when the party really starts! We bring out the bingo cage and get down to playing! Whenever someone gets a bingo, they unwrap a present on the table. We play until every gift has been unwrapped, and then haggle for trades afterward. We’ve always called it High Stakes Bingo, but really, most of our gifts come from the dollar section at Target! Bottles of nail polish, boxes of Pop-Tarts, and occasional restaurant gift cards are a few tried and true family favorites! 

Sentimental Ornament Reveal

There are plenty of traditions for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but what about something special for the day you put up the Christmas tree? To Stacie’s family, putting up the tree and hanging its ornaments is a momentous occasion! One by one, each member of the family unwraps a new ornament, representative of something special that happened that year. As each new ornament is hung on the tree, they chat and laugh together, reliving the year’s fondest memories! 

With that, we wish you a very merry Christmas, full of fun times with family! Did one of these traditions stand out to you? Will you take it for a spin this holiday season? Let us know in the comments section! 

With Collectible Christmas by ME Time, you’ll create cherished new traditions every year! Create your own Holiday Village for this year’s collection, stitched entirely in a 5x7 hoop on your home embroidery machine. Click the link below to learn more about this magical new program and get started on your own Holiday Village