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Three Machine Embroidery Must-Haves!

Machine Embroidery Tools, a mini iron, stabilizer, scissors, and a rotary cutter.
  • February 23, 2023

From stabilizer to thread kits, the ME Time Store offers an array of support materials for your ME Time projects! Today, let’s take a closer peek at our Top Three Machine Embroidery Must-Haves that no machine embroiderer should live without! 

*Please note that the ME Time Store is only accessible to ME Time subscribers. Subscribe today to start shopping!

First on our list are Kimberbell’s Deluxe Embroidery Scissors & Tools! Trimming is a frequent step in every machine embroidery project. You deserve scissors that feel good in your hand! These beauties will make you wonder how you ever lived without them. Their sharp blades cut all the way to the tip and their large, double-hoop rings provide a comfortable grip for every hand!

Up next is Kimberbell Paper Tape! There’s plenty of machine embroidery tape out there, but Kimberbell Paper Tape is a cut above the rest. It won’t gum up your needle like many of its competitors, nor will it leave behind a sticky residue on your fabric. Best of all, if you accidentally stitch over it, it can easily be peeled away from your thread, without a trace. 



Finally, let’s talk about embroidery stabilizer! Every machine embroiderer deserves an ever-abundant supply of high-quality stabilizer. The ME Time Store features many varieties of Kimberbell Stabilizer including Light Mesh Cut-Away, Shape Form Interfacing, Project Batting, and more!

Every machine embroiderer knows how frustrating it can be to find the time and materials to start a new project. ME Time delivers complete machine embroidery experiences right to your doorstep, so you can start creating the moment you’re ready! Here's how it works! First, choose your subscription at Next, enjoy immediate access to your digital files! Then, get your physical box in the mail and enjoy some well-deserved ME Time! Subscribe now so you can stop wasting time and money on unfinished projects, and get right to the fun and fulfillment of creating!

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