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Favorite Things Featuring Kelly



Kelly Cardon Edgerton has been a stand-out member of the ME Time Community Facebook Group since October 2022. Ever-encouraging, her thoughtful comments and beautiful projects inspire us all! 

  1. Favorite movie? La La Land 
  2. Favorite book of all time? Outlander 
  3. Favorite recent book? Where the Crawdads Sing 
  4. Favorite fabric designer? Lori Holt 91BXgr1J3XL._AC_SL1500_
  5. Favorite music/musician/album to listen to during your ME Time? 70s Classic Rock - Queen, Supertramp, Fleetwood Mac, Boston 
  6. Favorite soda? Coke 
  7. Favorite comfort food? Mac & Cheese 
  8. Favorite place you’ve visited? NYC! Because, you know, Broadway! 
  9. Favorite candy? ALMOND joy 
  10. Favorite movie quote? Dirty Dancing, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” 
  11. Favorite historical figure? Harriet Tubman, she was the epitome of courage, bravery, and conviction.
  12. Favorite gift you’ve ever given - or received? My mom cried when I gifted her the Make Yourself at Home quilt. She passed away last year and now the quilt will be handed down to my sister. The quilt was mom’s pride and joy. 
  13. Favorite breed of cat or dog (or other pet)? Siamese Cats and dauschund dogs. 
  14. Favorite kind of machine embroidery project? In the hoop zippy bags. I get such a kick out of putting in zippers with my embroidery unit! DSC_1245 copy
  15. Favorite person to sew/craft with? My baby sister. She lives very far away so we have to plan and save for airfare in order to have a crafting weekend. Last year I taught her how to quilt, she was so pleased with her new quilt



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