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Favorite Things Featuring Jess Oklaroots

Jess Oklaroots



Jess Oklaroots is the owner of the @OklaRoots channel on YouTube! Jess creates beautiful sewing and machine embroidery projects on her channel, dedicating this small piece of the internet to the creative at heart.

  1. Favorite podcast? This American Life
  2. Favorite movie? Honestly, I don’t have one. I love holiday movies and Star Wars and Marvel and Disney movies… all of them really!Screenshot 2023-03-15 154549
  3. Favorite book of all time? The Idiot - Dostoevsky
  4. Favorite recent book? Red Rising - Pierce Brown
  5. Favorite fabric designer? Bonnie Christine - I love the florals and calming prints she designs.
  6. Favorite music/musician/album to listen to during your ME Time? Mika -any of the albums are so fun! 
  7. Favorite ice cream flavor? Oat Milk Coffee (this girl is lactose intolerant)
  8. Favorite soda? Cherry 7up
  9. Favorite comfort food? Chicken Pot Pie
  10. Favorite place you’ve visited? Stockholm Sweden
  11. Favorite candy? Skittles
  12. Favorite project you’ve ever made? I could never choose! Between the bag, quilts and embroidery, they’re all my favorite. 
  13. Favorite sewing/crafting tool (besides sewing machine)?  Stiletto - it’s like a third hand!Web-Res-714 copy-1
  14. Favorite fabric store? Wonderground Fabrics
  15. Favorite thing to have by you when you stitch? Snacks!
  16. Favorite gift you’ve ever given - or received? Last Christmas I got a new Kindle and I LOVE it.
  17. Favorite breed of cat or dog (or other pet)? We are fans of animal shelters, so we love the mutts.
  18. Favorite kind of machine embroidery project? Miniature houses
  19. Favorite person to sew/craft with? My Mom! We all call her Babi 


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