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Favorite Things Featuring Holli



Holli Zollinger is a designer at FIGO Fabrics living in Moab, Utah! Two prints from her Wild Cottage collection (Triangles in Clay and Blossom Ochre) are featured in our September Perfectly Pieced box. Holli draws on the beauty of her desert surroundings for fabric inspiration, and it shows in these prints! Each embraces a beautifully earthy tone, akin to the rich, rust-like clay of southern Utah.

Read on for a few of Holli's favorite things. Who knows - they might become your favorite things, too!


  1. Favorite podcast?  Mel Robbins
  2. Favorite book of all time? Dune
  3. Favorite recent book? Demon Copperhead 
  4. Favorite fabric designer? William Morris
  5. Favorite comfort food? A thick slice of homemade bread with butter
  6. Favorite place you’ve visited? Morocco
  7. Favorite candy? Caramels
  8. Favorite breed of cat or dog(or other pet)? My cat's are 1/2 Persian
  9. Favorite person to sew/craft with? Friends
  10. Favorite craft room organization tool? Modular Shelving
  11. Favorite season to decorate for? Halloween

Bonus Questions!

  1. What was your inspiration for creating the Wild Cottage line of fabric? (Two of which are featured in our September Perfectly Pieced Box: Triangles in Clay and Wild Cottage Blossom Ochre)
    - It's a cottage core-inspired collection inviting us all to step back into a wilder and simpler time. Geese, gardens, and gingham flourish in this rustic collection that gives a prairie simplicity while retaining a natural muted palette. 
  2. What's your favorite part of the fabric design process?
    - I like the whole process! From thinking about the concept and what type of content will go together to how to design a collection that represents a good color balance, and diverse spatial arrangement, and how that collection forms a whole with color, content, and the balance of movement on the eyes. Sometimes it feels very scientific. 
  3. How did you get into fabric design? 
    - I was selling some of my art at a farmers market and happened upon a woman making a product with her own fabric. I thought it was the coolest thing! I had been a visual artist for many years prior with some varying degrees of success and decided to try it out. I spent a few years learning and perfecting the skill while building a design library, and was absolutely hooked! The rest is history. 
  4. Outside fabric design, what other hobbies and interests do you enjoy? 
    - I am a workaholic, but lately, I've been trying to stay balanced with other activities like getting outside, hiking, or walking. But I do love creativity in all its forms, so I like to try new mediums when I can. I am obsessed with decorating and perfecting my home space, so I'm always moving furniture around. Ya know, the fun stuff!




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