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The Holiday Village Poem

  • November 9, 2022


Over the hill, just beyond the Fir Forest

Lies a whimsical town with a magical flourish

There, like a carol that echoes year round 

The spirit of Christmas in plenty abounds 


Tonight of all nights, is most special of all 

It’s Christmas Eve! Ring a bell, deck the halls! 

Take a stroll into town ‘neath a flurry filled sky

And see how Holiday Village spends its favorite night 



First to the church, the heart of it all 

Fresh snow drapes its roof like a shimmering shawl

While a chorus of carolers sing yuletide hymns 

Merrily beckoning onlookers in 



But the moment that sugarsweet scent hits your nose

To the Candy Shop window you’ll hurriedly go 

For a Sugar Plum Pop or a slice of Cream Cake  

Such a scrumptious excursion, a happy heart makes 

Candy Shop


Up ahead is the home of Fred and Marie 

By now their three children are soundly asleep

With dreams of St. Nick and his flight crew of eight 

Soaring through town on a cherry red sleigh 

Cape Cod House


On the street down below, the Village Tree shines
Tall as a house, a magnificent pine 

It stalwartly marks the center of town

Twinkling lights strung through its boughs

Village Tree


On to the General Store, where Mister Sinclair 

Keeps his door open to folks in despair 

Selling last minute hams, potatoes, and peas 

That all might enjoy their holiday feasts 


He’s owned the place since ‘74 

Built it from scratch fresh outta the war 

And now like a fixture it serves the whole town 

Kind and reliable, highly renowned 



What a marvelous tune I hear down the road

It must be the Silverstein’s holiday show!

Their living room bustles with jolly old friends

Singing with spirit, “A new year begins!” 

Old World BungaloDoghouse


And oh what a sight is their puppy Bernard!

Prancing through snow drifts all over the yard

With his tongue hanging out, like a flap in the wind

He dances along with a wild-eyed grin 

Dog House


The Quilt Shop appears to be closed for the night

Its window are dark, its door shut-up tight

But peer through the glass by the light of the moon

And you might catch a glimpse of Mrs. Dalune 


On her great Christmas Quilt, she’s stitching away

Eager to finish before break of day

Toys are grown out of and mistletoe fades 

  But a quilt only grows softer as time wends its way 



The boarding house travelers know what I mean

Their suitcases full of tattered old things 

A blanket of mem’ries, a hand-me-down coat 

Reminders of loved ones waiting back home 

Boarding House


As frostbitten air blows in the from the North

The greenhouse may offer a moment of warmth

Its heater is hard at work, humming along

Keeping poinsettias warm all night long 

Machine Embroidery Christmas Houses Greenhouse with Red and Green Thread


But don’t get too cozy, there’s more to be seen

The Toy Store is next and oh, what a dream!

No child can walk by without gawking in awe

At the rosiest sight your eyes ever saw


A shining red fire truck armed with a hose

A bicycle topped with a velveteen bow 

A dollhouse, a tiger, a little red drum

A big brimming barrel of Juicy Fruit gum 

Toy Store


A bit further down, the School House awaits

Its hallways adorned with paper snowflakes 

And with each gust of wind from beneath the front door 

They twirl into life, a shimmering storm 



There’s one place in town where you’re welcome all year

Grandmother to all, Miss Miller’s revered 

She’ll welcome you in for warm slice of pie

And if you’re not careful, she’ll keep you all night!

American Farmhouse


The library windows glow up ahead

On this night every year the same story is read

“Twas the night before Christmas,” Miss Albright begins 

As twelve eager listeners hang on her lips 



A rude interruption, the clock tower strikes!

Calling all wanderers in for the night

Home to their beds at the day’s cozy end 

A bright Christmas morning, just ‘round the bend

Clock Tower

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