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10 Ways to Use Your Mon Petit Charms

  • October 12, 2022


Made of soft and supple Embroidery Leather, Mon Petit Charms are not only easy to stitch and fun to gift, they're so versatile you can do just about anything with them! 

Designs include Eiffel Tower, Perfume, Macarons, and Bicycle.  (Note: The Bicycle design includes a pocket large enough to hold a gift card!)

Here are some of our favorite ideas for using Mon Petit Charms from the French Market Bella Box.

Eiffel Tower
  • Attach to a flash drive/USB stick.
  • Clip to a cell phone strap.
  • Add to your favorite handbag.


  • Pin to an inspiration or travel board. 
  • Make a fun and flirty keychain.
  • Use as a zipper pull.


  • Decorate a napkin ring for a dinner party.
  • Tie to a bottle opener.
  • Attach to a bag of macarons. 


  • Pin to an inspiration or travel board.
  • Use as a fun and flirty keychain.
  • Add to the zipper of a backpack.
  • Create a bookmark and travel through a good story.


We've only just begun to explore the possibilities of Mon Petit Charms! (How would you use them?)

Mon Petit Charms are just one of the SIX exclusive projects in the French Market Bella Box. The box includes the Embroidery Leather, tassels, and even the chains. (Plus so much more!)

Click the link below, subscribe today, and let the fun begin... 


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